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Jul. 11th, 2010

Sirius Black,

I heart your fucking face,

Celestina Warbeck
Thank Pomfrey for finnally curing me!

I really do love that woman!

And you know, I love a lot of other people.

They know who they are. ^_^

And, well, for the rest of you...HA.

Don't care, don't care at all.

You know if half of you weren't so selfish, everyone's lives would be better.

Or jealous.

Hhmm, Sirius.

Because honestly, the majority of you don't spend time with him anyways, and I know for a fact I don't spend nearly enough time with him to take him away from his actual friends.

Although many seem to feel different.

Beautiful people are meant to be together.

That is such bullshit
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Nov. 27th, 2006

I was happy.

And then a handful of little twits threatened to ruin that.

My friends threatened to ruin that!

Well, loves, Warbeck will not go down without a fight.

Beautiful people are meant to be with beautiful people.

But if that were true, wouldn't this all feel okay?

No! No no no! It doesn't but I'll make it feel okay.

I'm not losing you this easily, love.

Don't you toy with my emotions,
Don't you poison me with potions.
Sex with a Sex God is amazing.

But more then that, the feeling that you can come to someone and talk to them is amazing.

Friends are amazing.

Life is pretty damn amazing.

Oct. 15th, 2006

Between homework and scheduling tours--something (or someone) is going to do me in.
Just...shazam and I'll disappear in a poof of smoke. Completely.

I don't know. I've just been so busy lately its threatening to tear me into ragged peices. Not that many of you wouldn't mind my being torn into bleeding pieces of skin and occasionally jagged bits of bone. But hey, we're 5th years...not 5, and I'd hope the Gryffindors at least could start acting like it. Bloody hell, it may be too much to hope.

Sirius Black we need to talk. And the rest of you, don't even get your bloody hopes up. I just need help with some song lyrics.



I feel so...unworthy...at the moment.

Ah, hell, to put it in terms everyone can understand: I feel like a fucking whore. I mean, and maybe I am a whore. I don't know. I just wanted something so bad that I had to do something to make it better.

Sex. Sex made it better.

But that doesn't stop me from wanting something that can't ever truly be mine.

So, I had sex with someone. It may be stupid and foolish but it happened. It will probably happen again. We used each other because we can't have what we want. It was all a fucking game.

And I'm just a fucking whore.

'Least I'm good at it.
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I think I'm done showing off now.

I've got to go find some nice chocolate for Lily. <3.

Au revoir!
Can you tell me why people go to such lengths to hide their real selves? Or why I always behave very differently when I'm in the company of other? The Diary of Anne Frank, Entry Date: Saturday, January 22, 1944.

I was rereading Anne's diary, as made completely obvious by the above quotation of one of her more thought provoking entries. And it did make me think. (Yes, I actually can think, that is the point I am getting to.)

I wonder what happens when the fine line between you, and the image other people gather of you gets so blurry that you yourself can't tell the difference anymore. What happens when you actually become nothing more then tits and a vagina with good hair that can't help but see the impurities of everything and everyone around you--and they can't help but see that few things about you are really pure...? Can you actually become that fake identity you've created for yourself so that people can't hurt the real you? I mean, can you lose your real self to this plastic image that isn't even that great?

I'm not so sure of everything anymore. (Actually, I was never sure of everything in the first place.) But I am sure that I am supremely talented at acting like I am the embodiment of perfection. So much that you can hardly tell wether I really have that ego, or wether I am merely acting the part of bitch. I can't even tell.

But I do know I don't want to be a bitch. And I hope my friends know I'm not one.

Celestina Warbeck

Damned almost kiss...

The other gods are against us Sirius Black.

[Private] Now I want to know, why every time we feel like kissing--or he's about to snog me, someone has to ruin it? What is up with that? Number one--its clearly prolonging the inevitable--people as good looking as us always end up together. And number two--I can't think of anyone better, you know? He's been my best friend since 1st year, and now that we're kinda...flirting like the fuck we might as well snog! URGH! [/Private]

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