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Diary of the Diva

Celestina Warbeck

31 October 1960
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Celestina Warbeck

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The Basics
Name: Celestina Warbeck
Nickname(s): “Becks” “Cel”
Birthdate: October 31th
Year: 5th
House: Gryffindor!! Woot!
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland.
Current Location: Hogwarts, or London.
Occupation: Student/Singer
Marital Status: Looking.
Skills: Dancing, Singing, Acting.
Languages: English, Gaelic

Sex: Yes! Please! Female.
Height: 5ft 7
Weight: 115
Build: Lithe, dancer’s frame yet still feminine.
Hair: Golden blonde. [Sometimes Dark Brown]
Eyes: Chocolate Brown
Markings: Freckles painted across her cheeks and nose.

Food: Chocolate.
Drink: Butterbeer.
Color: Black

Physical Description
Straight blonde tendrils of hair fall to about mid-back in cascading layers of gold. Chocolate brown eyes are usual sparkling with the usual laughter. Lithe frame and amazing vocals come from years and years of training.

Personality And Other.
Becks knows perfectly well that she is talented and that she is beautiful—and she won’t hesitate to flaunt either qualities. Fiercely loyal to her close friends—and clever enough to convince everyone that their worthy to be in her company, she will admit to having the occasional ego trip. People may call her a bitch and a whore—but her true friends know that she’s actually got a golden heart. It’s just buried beneath a few layers of silver and diamonds to protect from the public’s knife of criticism.